The Adorable Animal Selfies That Had Us Laughing Out Loud

Dorothy Duckworth
The Adorable Animal Selfies That Had Us Laughing Out Loud

Where would we humans be without animals? Animals add spice to our lives with their selfless love (except for cats who hate everyone). With their soft fur, doe-shaped eyes that are begging for attention, or their intuition that knows exactly when you need an extra cuddle – life is more enjoyable with our furry friends. Needless to say, animals also have their moments where you can either gush over them being so adorable, or laugh out loud wondering how in the world they ended up in that situation. Fortunately, with technology we can capture all of these special moments with our fur babies – may it be a cute and adorable photo of them cuddling or a hilarious selfie that will make our stomachs ache with laughter. Let’s take a look at these hilarious animal selfies that will surely make you laugh out loud!

Smug as a Pug

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Do you remember when you were young and you just had to have your tongue out in every selfie? Yes? Or are you trying to forget that time? Well, this cute and adorable pug knows how to work his selfie angles because he appears to be looking smug as a pug with his tongue out. Adorable, right?

Bad Boys in the Hood

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We all know the drill when it comes to going out with our bros: We go grab a bite to eat, hang out in the parking lot, and even though we try so hard to resist taking a “bro selfie” when the mood is right and the light is good, we take one just for keeps, right? Well, these cats and that cute dog were having their bro night when the cat leader decided to take a selfie of their group just for keeps! Fun times, fun times.

Sleepover Besties

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When you go to a sleepover with your BFFs, you wear your favorite pajamas, braid each other’s hair, and take lots and lots of photos together! Don’t forget the mandatory selfie where you’re all facing the camera while lying down! Imagine that shot with animals, and you have this cute selfie of two cute dog BFF.

I Woke up Like This

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Sloths are known to be slow, cute, and always sleepy. This selfie of a baby sloth in his little box who seemingly just woke up is just extra adorable! With his cute, sheepish smile and one of his feet trying to get out of the box – this photo makes you want to gush and maybe look for a pet baby sloth.

Tourist-y Llama

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We all have mixed feelings about tourists. If tourists are coming to our city, we automatically hate them because of traffic and whatnot. However, if we are the tourists, we love taking snapshots of ourselves in the most iconic parts of the town. This concept can also apply to animals. At this point, this llama decided to take a selfie in one of the world’s most iconic spots – Machu Picchu. #TravelGoals

Perfect Pup Selfie

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In taking a selfie, you have to consider a lot of aspects. Is the lighting adequate? Is the angle flattering? Do you have the best filter for your face? Did you type the right caption? Well, you need to take pointers from this pup because his selfie game is spot-on! His angle is on point, he has the confidence (not cockiness) of a great selfie, and the lighting hits his fur just right.

Jungle Journey

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Lion cubs are adorable creatures that are known to be very playful and eager to explore the jungle, so it’s really no wonder that when the opportunity came for these baby cubs to wander, they had to document it through a selfie! Judging by the picture-perfect portrait mode, we’re guessing they used an iPhone to document their jungle journey.

A Wild Night Out

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When it comes to a night out, a rule of thumb is to NEVER take drunken selfies you might regret later. These pups apparently never got the memo because they meticulously documented their wild night out with these goofy selfies. We’re sure her friends will have a hoot (or, in this case, a bark) when they see these funny photos the next morning!


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Who says that mugshots are just for people? This dog got busted for a crime that his owner probably was not too happy about, by the looks of this photo. You can’t help but gush at the sad and hopeless expression of this dog. If we were his owners, we would forgive him right away!

Run for Your Life

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Have you ever been in a critical and potentially dangerous situation, and you just really had to take a selfie? Well, this lemur can relate, because by the looks of this photo, someone wants him as a snack. His big wide eyes and semi-worried, excited but still expression tells it all!

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