Help for Dry Winter Lips

    I saw a ChapStick ad this morning before a video on YouTube, and the girl in it said that our skin is thinnest on our lips. I thought, yeah…maybe that’s why mine hurt so much every winter! It’s always the same, too, every year. When winter rolls around, […]

How to Reduce Stretch Marks

There’s no magic wand that will rid your skin of those less-than-appealing stretch marks, but you have a few options on ways to make them less noticeable. Whether from pregnancy or the result of fluctuating weight, stretch marks are a common cosmetic problem that can zap confidence and affect self-esteem. […]

How to Look Your Best at Any Stage of Motherhood

We all know that different stages of motherhood require different skin care routines and that your skin’s needs also change with age. Over time the skin naturally begins to function less efficiently, and it’s important that your products and treatments evolve to address its specific concerns at a given stage […]

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