Gaignard’s Installation Houses Many Selves

Genevieve Gaignard’s installation Apt. #3104 is being featured by Shulamit Nazarian and curator Renée Fox at the Spring/Break Art Show 2016 (March 2nd-March 7th). The solo installation focuses on the malleable identity of the self and reflects these constructs through photographic portraits of archetypal characters.

Jonathan Bartlett Illustrations

Last year we introduced you to the stunning illustration work of Jonathan Bartlett. He updated his portfolio with some even more enchanting illustrations, still in his very unique style inspired by the 50’s, of stylish men really in tune with today’s fashion! Now you can buy his posters on his […]

Folded Plywood

The subjects of Harry Roseman’s work are the bend of a curve, the conjunction of edges, the turn of a fold, the weight and nature of objects, the conjunction of idea and object, the way an idea sits in an object and next to an object and the way surface […]

Francois Berthoud Illustrations

Internationally known Swiss fashion illustrator François Berthoud works for Condé Nast Italy in Milan. Berthoud cultivates a memorable and expressive style that can be sorted between Pop Art and German Expressionism. A highly

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