Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

Dorothy Duckworth

This isn’t photoshop. These perfectly timed photos are the result of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Sometimes the best things happen when we least expect them to. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the well-timed photos online that capture the perfect moment. From accidental optical illusions, to just straight-up hilarious moments of happenstance, perfectly timed photos […]

Help for Dry Winter Lips

Dorothy Duckworth

    I saw a ChapStick ad this morning before a video on YouTube, and the girl in it said that our skin is thinnest on our lips. I thought, yeah…maybe that’s why mine hurt so much every winter! It’s always the same, too, every year. When winter rolls around, […]

How to Reduce Stretch Marks

Dorothy Duckworth

There’s no magic wand that will rid your skin of those less-than-appealing stretch marks, but you have a few options on ways to make them less noticeable. Whether from pregnancy or the result of fluctuating weight, stretch marks are a common cosmetic problem that can zap confidence and affect self-esteem. […]

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